Father, forgive me for I have sinned…

Only $5 and the City loads composted leaves for you. Unloading is by hand -- great exercise! I had help from friends.
Only $5 and the City loads composted leaves for you. Unloading is by hand — great exercise! I had help from friends.

It’s been 11 days since my last confession… uh… I mean blog.

How did the “week” go by so fast? Oh yes, I remember. A friend went on vacation and lent me his pick-up truck for a week, and I was busy getting load after load of wood chips and composted leaves for my garden. Sheer unadulterated happiness!

Then it was time to wash the truck, fill it with gas, say good-bye… and experience “post-truck-let-down”. I’ve been moping around the house for three days recovering.

To remind my thousands of readers, I am working on a 52 week list of new and improved habits around my addictive eating behavior. Weeks one and two set goals to have prepared fruits and veggies available at all times, and to include a fruit or vegetable in every meal or snack. I succeeded in both so far except that today I was in the car and remembered to take a granola bar (all right, all right! It was TWO granola bars!) as a snack but forgot to take fruit or carrot sticks.

The fact that it’s now cherry and blueberry season pretty much makes “prep” a done deal, and yummy summer fruit is real easy to remember to snack on. Check back with me in January to see how this is going.

Each week gets harder, of course, because each week requires a new desired behavior added to the previous weeks’. So…what’ll it be this week?

Prepare two thermoses of water or tea while making breakfast.

This isn’t because I believe in “getting in my 8 glasses a day”. It’s because my body has trouble distinguishing between hunger and other feelings like boredom, fatigue, sleepiness, and thirst. It is common for me to eat a chocolate bar because I am thirsty. Obviously, a couple of gulps of water instead of a chocolate bar is a good thing. And a couple of gulps of water in addition to a chocolate bar at least doesn’t leave me any worse off than I was before.

Hope you’re having a great summer. I sure am!


Ok, Week 2!

to-do-listI’d like to say that, (per last week’s goal), because I prepped veggies this week, I stayed off the couch and didn’t eat chocolate. Hah!

But I did eat a whole bunch more fruits and vegetables. Yay!

I also started a new To-Do List method I got off the Internet from Stever Robbins, the “Get-it-Done Guy”. The method is easy, and uses paper. This is the most successful To-Do system I have ever used. (Note: I am not an organized person.)

I started by writing my initial list in a small notebook, and drew a line at the bottom.

Whenever I  get the urge, I go through the list and do as much as I want of whatever item I want. No prioritizing, no categorizing, no worries about breaking things down into small tasks. I can write a short task like: “water petunias” and cross it off when done, or I can write “clean house”, and as long as I put away one item or scrub something for one minute., I can CROSS IT OFF. (Dontcha just love crossing things off the list?)

Once something is crossed off, if the project is not complete, I put it under the line I drew, onto the “Current” list. The previous list then becomes the “Backlog”.

To manage the backlog: If I go through the whole backlog and don’t work on ANY of the items, they all get stars, and I go on to the Current list. Next time through, starred items must be: 1. worked on, 2. crossed out and forgotten, or 3. put on the calendar for future consideration. This gets rid of the nagging feeling of failure from seeing: “Finish my daughter’s wedding album” week after week, and makes the backlog completely disappear every couple of days.

So…I did keep prepped fruits and veggies available daily this week, and in addition I cleaned some house, did some gardening, and completed several little nagging tasks that I kept forgetting about. It’s been a good week!

Next week’s plan:
1. Continue to ensure availability of daily fruits/veggies already prepped.
2. Every meal and every snack to include a fruit or vegetable.

Wish me luck! Join me if you wish!

Now excuse me; I have to go cross “update blog” off my To-Do list.

Fresh start. And again. And again. And again. And again.

Should I get back into photography? How do you stay in a hobby you're mediocre at?
Should I get back into photography? How do you stay in a hobby you’re mediocre at?

Well I was going to make this a blog about what to do next, now that I’m retired. I went out and bought 4 books on how to blog and make money at it. I hated them all. I didn’t get in on the right part of the curve, and I don’t want to have the self-discipline required. I am through with self-discipline.

Or not. Actually, I still need self-discipline, because too many days are ending up on the couch with an acrostic and a chest full of chocolate smears.

Really the main issue remains, always and forever for me, food. If I don’t feel like getting up in the morning, remembering that I made muffins and I have an unfinished puzzle will do the trick — at least I’ll get from the bed to the couch.

I have less vavoom because I eat too much (and the wrong stuff). I don’t exercise enough because it’s easier to lie on the couch and eat. I’m tired because I don’t exercise enough, which makes me want to lie on the couch and eat. And then I haven’t accomplished much, so I feel blah, so I want to lie on the couch…

But I want to have a more vibrant old age than this. And I am an inveterate starter-overer.

So I have made a list of 52 things to do to help get my food habits under control, to see if self-fulfillment follows. Or at least see if I didn’t deteriorate too much over the next year. (Is the eating the symptom or the cause? Yes.) I will do each one for a week, then (presumably) keep that new habit/plan/idea as I pick up the next one.

I’ll report on it every week. Or not. And someone may read it and enjoy/relate/want to join in. Or not. Welcome.