Couch Panda Presses On

Where's my salt-shaker?
Where’s my salt-shaker?

When I started this blog a few weeks back, I had high hopes. I was going to change one habit each week for 52 weeks until my overeating compulsion was cured.

To my dismay, I’m barely hanging on to the minor changes I have set so far. And the BIG change, the change I am trying to ignore because it’s just too hard, looms over me, miasma-style.

The BIG change is eating AT THE TABLE.

My big comfort, both physical and emotional, is eating supine on the couch, while doing something else (reading, doing crossword puzzles, watching Netflix). It’s my go-to behavior, and always carries with it a huge sigh of anticipatory contentment. Its ill effects (weight-gain, loss of physical conditioning, chronic neck pain, esophageal reflux), don’t hold a candle to that first bite taken with kitchen towel around my neck, shoes kicked off, salt-shaker at the ready, and puzzle-book in hand.

Oh, what to do, what to do? Talk about first-world problems. If only thinking about people who don’t have couches, salt-shakers, kitchen towels, or puzzle books, (let alone food) were sufficient to change my behavior.

Given my lack of progress, I have had a hard time making myself put out another perky blog-post.

But I’ve decided not to dessert. [sic]

I’m going to try to stick out the 52 weeks, and continue to make the changes as I can.

So here’s a report on how the goals are going so far:

  1. Ensure availability of prepped fruits/veggies at all times: 85% success
  2. Include fruit/veg with every meal or snack: 75% success
  3. Prepare thermoses of water with breakfast: 60% success and improving
  4. Eat breakfast at the table: 10% success and going nowhere

And for next week:

Suck it up and eat breakfast at the table. If I’m on the run, a portable smoothie is ok.

Onward and…onward!

4 thoughts on “Couch Panda Presses On

  1. Yeah, Josie! Way to hang in there. I agree it’s pretty hard to eat something without a book to read at the same time. Too boring (and we don’t like to be bored, do we?). You do have Ed to talk to so maybe he would be willing to sit across from you and talk with you. Maybe you are trying to make too many changes at the same time. For example you could first try sitting at the table, eat and do a puzzle. In a few days sit at the table and eat without the puzzle (for one meal a day). Or eat that one meal out in the garden looking at your great backyard.


  2. Yes to everything you said, Lynne. Ed is always willing to sit with me to eat; in fact he prefers it. Thank God he NEVER says anything about my weird eating behaviors. It’s one of the many reasons I have been delighted to be his girl for 22 years…


  3. I think it’s amazing that you’re making goals and then holding yourself to them and tracking your progress. That’s the best way to succeed! And it’s tough, I agree 100%. But you’ve got a solid start, and I have no doubt you’ll slowly move closer to your goals every day!


  4. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! I have been doing better since my last blog, I think partly because I kind of girded my loins when I wrote the blog. Your comment means a lot to me and will help me stay on track!


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